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RAL Color Cards and Color Fans


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RAL Colors RAL have existed since 1927. At that time, the producer of paints agreed on a limited number of colors. The reason of that was the severely restricted availability of raw materials, particularly the pigments. These 40 colors containing color sample were entrusted to the former "Reichsausschuss für Lieferbedingungen" (RAL). Since that time RAL has been responsible for the availability of 213 colors in a comprehensive color sample for the paint producing industry. It is especially important to ensure that the colors are represented unchanged over decades.

RAL Classic im 3D-FarbraumRAL Classic describes the classic RAL color sample and the various products contained. The colors are marked with a four-digit number, such as RAL 5014. In addition each color has a name, in this example pigeon blue. RAL is the oldest known color collection in Germany. It is based on the color list from 1927. Nowadays it is a standard color card for color and varnish industry.

RAL Design is the RAL color system in which the colors are arranged 3-D Darstellung des RAL Design-Farbsystemsaccording to the international in the color measuring technique used mathematical color space. The arrangement of the colors is structured according to the criteria of hue, lightness and chromaticity. The results of the color criteria give a seven-digit color number, for example RAL 260 30 35. The RAL design color system from 1993 was overworked in 2007. In the description of the product you can find a new 3 dimensional depiction and a depiction of the original system.

RAL Digital is the software version of the RAL color cards: here the RAL colors are available as digital color palettes for graphic and design programs. The direct access to the RAL colors in these programs makes RAL Digital to a perfect complement to the RAL color cards.                                                                 3D Darstellung RAL Effect

RAL Effect is the new industrial color palette with 490 new RAL colors, which were developed from scratch. The colors are divided into 70 color groups. Each color group contains a metallic hue. The naming of the color is made by a code in accordance to the scheme RAL XXX-Y. XXX is the code for the color, Y is a number between 1 and 6 resp. the letter M in metallic hues.

RAL P1 PLASTICS – RAL color standard for plastics. By the development of RAL PLASTICS a new and independent plastic standard for the industry was established in 2010. First 100 colors according to the RAL CLASSIC color collection were demised to plastic standard in a high technical procedure. The 100 colors were color tones of the 840-HR register that were most in demand.


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