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JPMA Standard Paint Colors

JPMA Standard Paint Colors
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JPMA Standard Paint Colors

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New edition 2013: color fan JPMA Standard Paint Colors G-Edition

The actual color fan JPMA (Japan Paint Manufacturers Association) Standard Paint Colors contains 632 colors

  • Color fan in the format of 5 x 21,5 cm, G-edition 2011
  • 632 Japanese standard colors on 79 pages
  • Color representation 50 x 15 mm glossy
  • 8 colors per each page
  • The color collection is based on Munsell color system, the Munsell-notation is printed on each color
  • The colors are chromatically arranged: N (neutral) and R, YR, Y, GY, G, BG, B, PB, P, RP.
  • The 56 intensive contrast colors are in the rearward part of the fan
  • Contains 22 colors of CUD*, Color Universal Design

The color number starts with a letter e.g. newest edition 2011 „G“-series. The depicted color and the color code / Munsell notation is identical to all the other editions independently from the initial letter.

*Color Universal Design (CUD) – Nowadays in the information oriented society colors transport an important message. But the color perception is different from person to person. CUD-colors were defined as barrier-free colors and they should be perceptible to the human eye. CUD color palette should help in order to design products or signs for philantropical color concepts.

CUD Accent Colors :
Pink: F02-70T  (2.5R 7/10)
Red: F08-50V  (8.75R 5/12)
Brown: F09-30L  (10R 3/6)
Orange: F15-65X  (5YR 6.5/14)
Yellow:  F27-85V  (7.5Y 8.5/12)
Green:  F47-60T  (7.5G 6/10)
Sky blue:  F69-70P  (10B 7/8)
Blue:  F77-40V  (7.5PB 4/12)
Purple:  F89-40T  (10P 4/10)
CUD Alternative Colors :
Alternative yellow  F27-90P  (7.5Y 9/8)
Alternative green  F45-60L  (5G 6/6)
    CUD Base Colors :
Light Pink: F05-80L  (5R 8/6)
Beige: F19-75L  (10YR 7.5 / 6)
Cream: F25-90H  (5Y 9/4)
Light yellow green: F32-80P  (2.5GY 8/8)
Light green: F42-70H  (2.5G 7/4)
Light sky blue: F69-80H  (10B 8/4)
Light purple: F82-70H  (2.5P 7/4)
CUD Achromatic colors :
White: FN-93  (N 9.3)
Light gray: F75-80B  (5PB 8/1)
Gray: F75-50D  (5PB 5/2)
Black: FN-15  (N 1.5)

The fan contains standard-coating colors (SPC) that are frequently used and it is edited every 2 years. Since the first edition in 1954 more than 30 Million fans have been sold. The Japan Paint Manufacturers Association (JPMA) was founded as a voluntarily organization in April 1948 and nowadays it consists of 269 companies. Members and supporting members are the leading varnish manufacturers in Japan.

Content of JPMA

Content of JPMA Standard Color Fan G-2013 (Edition 2013)

2.24 MB Download
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