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PANTONE FormulaGuide

PANTONE FormulaGuide
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PANTONE FormulaGuide

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PANTONE PLUS SERIES Formula Guide 2016 Edition

The Formula Guide print color fan is the basic tool for color communication in printing and design. It is designed practically as an easy-to-handle color chart to accompany you at customer presentations and during the complete printing process.

All the Pantone colors until 2014 have been incorporated into the latest version since March 2016 and are chromatically arranged (in color families) for intuitively creative design. Another 112 trend colors have been added in 2016. The color palette now has 1880 hues, including the basic colors.

The 2016 editions of the PANTONE Formula Guide fan sets contain: 

  • 2 color fans, each with all the spot colors printed on coated (c = coated / art paper) and uncoated (u = uncoated) paper.
  • Fan size approx. 235 x 42 mm, color fields 42 x 20 mm, 7 colors per side
  • 1880 PANTONE special colors (spot colors) on two paper qualities
    Of which: 18 Plus Series basic colors, 7 pastel basic colors, 7 neon basic colors, 7 gold and silver colors
  • Chromatic color arrangement (sorted by hues, from light to dark)
  • Uniform thickness for new colors (coated: 1.3 g/m², uncoated: 1.6 g/m²)
  • Metamerism checker in every color fan to see whether the right lighting conditions are in place for a color assessment (based on illuminant D50)
  • Printed on standard paper in order to comply with current printing requirements
  • Formulas for mixing colors from the basic colors
  • Index making it easier to find individual hues
  • Each fan contains an access code to download PANTONE COLOR MANAGER software
  • ISBN 9781590653289
  • Manufacturer Product Code GP 1501
  • Description in the introduction with technical information in English

Note: The basic colors shown can also be used for design purposes:

PANTONE Pastel Basic Colors: Yellow 0131, Red 0331, Magenta 0521, Violet 0631, Blue 0821, Green 0921 and Black 0961
PANTONE Neon Basic Colors: 801, 802, 803, 804, 805, 806, 807
PANTONE Metallic Basic Colors: 871, 872, 873, 874, 875, 876, 877 / Gold, copper and silver colors

Note for printers: 18 basic colors are required for mixing the current Pantone colors:
PANTONE Yellow, PANTONE Yellow 012, PANTONE Orange 021, PANTONE Bright Red, PANTONE Warm Red, PANTONE Red 032, PANTONE Rubine Red, PANTONE Rhodamine Red, PANTONE Pink, PANTONE Purple, PANTONE Medium Purple, PANTONE Violet, PANTONE Blue 072, PANTONE Dark Blue, PANTONE OReflex Blue, PANTONE Process Blue, PANTONE Green and PANTONE Black.


PANTONE FormulaGuide PANTONE FormulaGuide

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