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Pantone Color Cards and Color Fans


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Information about PANTONE:

3 color systems for industry: Formally the company PANTONE produced color cards for the cosmetic industry.
Lawrence Herbert, who has been an employee of the company since 1956, bought the company in 1962 and developed an own system for color selection and communication. 1963 he brought the PANTONE Matching System on the market. Still today it is available and known in the print industry worldwide. In 2010 it was overworked and extended by 1341 colors. The new name is – Pantone Plus Series. 2012 it was extended by 336 new colors up to now 1677 colors.
Pantone plus-series since 2010 the following system of the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for printing colors.
Pantone textile color system is used for specification and communication of textile
Pantone plastics system offers colors in form of transparent and opaque plastic chips
Because of own color coding there is no chance of confusing with other systems. Partly there are cross-references for color comparison from one Pantone color system to another. If you look for comparison colors and you cannot find the cross references, please contact us.
Pantone Goe-system (since 2007) was discontinued in February 2014

The new PANTONE TREND-Products belongs to non of this 3 Categories above.

The PANTONE Skin Tone Guide for fixing human skin colors you find in our category  "Plants & Medicin" The products to PANTONE Specialty Metallics & Pearlescents trend colors for product design you find in our category "Metallics & Effects"

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