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Color Samples from: RAL, NCS, Pantone, HKS, Munsell

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Here you can find color cards according to RAL, Pantone, NCS, Munsell and Euro-Scale (DIN ISO 12647-2), but also the ones that are rarely needed just like Federal Standard, British Standard and color patterns from all over the world.

Farbkarten-Shop in Wertheim

Our services are addressed to industry, trade, freelancers, administration, economy and education. Unless specifically otherwise agreed, a specified or agreed price does not include the VAT. Firms or public facilities and existing clients will be supplied on open invoice payment. New customers can also be supplied on open invoice with an indication on the website (we need to know that you are trader).

We deliver free of charge when order values exceed 65 Euros (plus VAT 19%) in the space of Germany, else we charge additionally delivery charges (plus VAT 19%).

For shipping to foreign countries we calculate the arising shipping expenses according to the weight. The costs are displayed in the consumer basket and at the end of the order. Therefore you need to select your country at the consumer basket or log in with your account or as a guest. If you do not log in and don’t select a country, then only the delivery charges in the space of Germany are calculated.


Color cards, color fans according to color systemsFarbkarten aller Systeme
Torso-Verlag makes national and international color systems just like RAL, Pantone, HKS, NCS, Munsell and Euro-Scale (DIN ISO 12647-2) cross-sectorally available.
We offer color cards (shade cards / color pattern cards), color fans, chromaticity diagrams, color palettes or just classical color atlases according to this system. The combination of specialized consultation and fast availability of fancy fans or color pattern cards makes us number one. Especially sectors of industry, trade or architecture can be supplied with manufactured products like color fans, color atlas or other color patterns. ______________________________________________________________________________

Read our newsletter „Color letter“ and get to know interesting facts associated with
the field of color references, fields of application for standard lights in the industry or
professional color measurement technology and gloss measurement both in practice
and in color quality assurance.


Many products can be seen and tested in our exhibition room. Please announce your
visit beforehand by telephone. You are welcome to visit us anytime.

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