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Color Measuring Instruments for Quality Control and Color Formulation

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Color measuring equipment, spectral photometer and suitable software for each application make quality check and color recipe in the development, production and repairing of colors much easier.

Color Measurement:
In the paint and coating industry colorimeters have been in use for many years, as well as in the textile and plastic industry. The processing industries have been discovering the advantage of colorimeters more and more concerning production monitoring and quality control.

Judging colors is a very subjective matter, as well as any man cannot see every day colors with the same sensitivity. The use of colorimeters allows an objective control of colors. This is especially required when different suppliers have to provide components of the same color. Colorimeters are available for various purposes and requirements in different categories and different price ranges.
Software for quality check and the dye recipe saves the color data, produces
graphics, statistics and databases on the proved products.

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