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Standard Light for Color Comparison

Normlichtkabinen mit hoher Beleuchtungsstärke         Normlichtkabinen für die produzierende Industrie         SpectraLight QC und TheJugde Lichtkabine

Color matching light is needed in every production process in order to evaluate color patterns visually. In Europe one differentiates between D50 for printing industry and D65 for the producing industry. Visual color matching is an important procedure during the quality assurance, even if the colors are also  measured with spectrophotometer. In our world the optical impression of a product is very important.

Why standard light?
In which way colors are influenced by light, isn’t clear to everybody. In order to see the color under the same conditions, one has to use a normed daylight source. Only by this way colors can be equally  evaluated by different people from different places. Under different light sources the result of the same color tone reaches from yellow to orange and from blue to purple.

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