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Measurement and Testing Technology for Colors


We offer light cabins for visual color pattering, color meter, gloss meter and light meter for test medium monitoring as well as color management, products for graphical industry. To be found in the section “measuring and testing technology”.

In the company-own exhibition room you can make visual color measuring tests with your own color patterns. Therefore spectral photometer and standard light cabins and gloss meter are always at your disposal and can be used. We develop the optimized working place for you according to your working environment in order to make sure a perfect quality control and quality assurance.
Ask us, we will inform you independently from manufacturer.

Please pay attention to: Products without a price resp. products that are marked with the button "request quotation" often need personal advice. That's why we need a request with your whole address. When there are still some open questions we will immediately inform you about and make an appropriate offer according to your application.

Personally or over our newsletter ColorLetter we will inform you on interesting facts in the field of color references, application possibilities of standard light in industry or professional color measuring technology and gloss measurement and quality assurance of colors.

Our services are addressed to industry, science, administration, freelancers and trade. All prices stated are net prices, plus applicable VAT. We supply our products exclusively to commercial customers, tradespersons, freelancers, industrial customers, administrative authorities, and customers from the field of science and education. With your order, you confirm that you will use the goods for commercial or professional purposes. Please select your desired method of payment during your order-process.

Many products can be seen and tested in our exhibition room. Please contact us by telephone first. You are warmly welcome at any time.

For an easy and fast color detection on road works, in the repair shop, at the client or in nature there are digital color fans in a handy mobile phone format. At the push of a button they show you the detected color tone in a desired color system and save the awkward usage of original color tone cards or color fans outdoors.

The majority of all works takes place at the computer nowadays. That’s why we need colors in a digital way. For the most important color systems there are digital versions in form of a color palette-software. So the colors can be integrated into application programs in a short of time and are available for coloring.

Digital color atlas, that provide various color systems, calculate color comparisons over various systems and color deviations of single color tones.

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